About us

Since 2010 the professional and skilled team of BIOORG PRO OÜ has specialized in the area of an organic agriculture. The collaboration of science, technology, marketing and trade professionals and their know-how has led to the manufacture of the high quality internationally certified products and their distribution all over the world.

Our STRENGH is the product line, where each part is functioning with all other items with the maximum result. This is achieved due to advance laboratory researches and practical testing. Our customers can be secure, that using BIOORG PRO products the generation of the best achievements is guaranteed. BIOORG PRO products are all biologically active, means plants can absorb 100% of all the nutrients and elements.

We SUPPORT our customers from the first step, giving an exact guidelines how to use the products, what backgrounds for better results must be existing, solve their everyday questions.

The PRACTICE has shown that BIOORG PRO products are successfully functioning in organic as well in conventional agriculture. Our products help to re-build the soil composition and microflora, which are the basics for plant growth.

Practical results in conventional agriculture show, that by using our products the decrease of mineral fertilizer, pesticides and other material is significant, thus remaining higher harvest quality and quantity.

In organic agriculture the permanent usage of BIOORG PRO products guarantees the increase of soil quality and microflora with remain over the years.

In ORGANIC agriculture the best functions the right mix of BIOORG PRO products. Usage of only one or two items together will generate only a part of possible plant growth, but knowing the right proportions and the materials, the potential of 100% is with the time to be achieved.

Based on our experience, the right ATTITUDE in agriculture – is to function for the long term stability. The measurement of an invested efforts can be done based on at least 5 year range statistics. Usage of BIOORG PRO products has proven that – NOT ONCE!

BIOORG PRO products are certified for organic agriculture based on EU Regulation No 889/2008.

WE KNOW HOW to produce, apply and distribute organic plant products!

Your first choice

BIOORG PRO is your best choice, because…

Our strong market position is due to our expertise and skilled knowledge in production of biologically active products from natural resources.

MADE in EUROPE – our entire product line is produced in Europe with local materials!

HIGH QUALITY – We guarantee safety and constant top quality of our products according to the specified Technical Data Sheet (TDS). Our production processes are compliant with European production and safety requirements. Raw materials and production processes are constantly controlled and approved by veterinary authorities and audited by independent authorities for the observance and compliance to the Commission Regulation 889/2008/EC (Bio-Regulation). To maintain our high quality standards we cross check randomly with external approved laboratories (EUROFINS DE).

Best PRICE/QUALITY RATIO – We have controlled quality raw material and the production is organised to guarantee stable production costs and high quality without disturbances.